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Stile Ranch Hike #1, Mar 8, 2015

By Dee Wong, Field Trip Chair

lewisia-rediviva-bitterroot400The intention of having a three-part series of hikes to the same location over the course of the year was to see the changes of diversity of one particular area.
Hike #1 started at 9am and ended about 1pm.  Thirty people attended, including the trip leaders and sweeps.  We split into two groups, with Dee Wong and Woody Collins as co-leaders and Huey Shin Yuan as the sweep in one group, and Ken Himes and Stella Yang as co-leaders and Carolyn Dorsch and Michael Yantos as the sweeps for the other group. Thanks to all participants for sharing their knowledge and their time to help make this a very successful trip.

We saw these flowers in bloom:

California poppy, mock parsley, California mustard, goldfields, cryptanthus flaccida, salvia mellifera, salvia columbariae, eriogonum vimineum, California plantain, large-fruited lomatium, tuber sanicle, Pacific Sanicle, Pterostegia drymaroides, Shooting Stars, California buttercups, blue-eyed grass, blue dicks, sea muilla, blue witch, brodiaea, bee plant, climbing bedstraw, hill suncups, seep monkey flower, red maids, Claytonia gypsophiloides... In bud: Streptanthus glandulosus var. glandulosus, uncommon jewelflower. In leaf: Monardella douglasii. The highlight of trip was finding Lewisia rediviva, right at our lunch stop!


All photo by Dee Wong


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