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IMG 2893 jennifer wfaCNPS SCV Wildflower Ambassadors (WFA) hand out free native seeds and information at events and library talks, join and assist with tours of local native gardens, enjoy seed packing parties together, pitch in at pollinator gardens and restoration projects and promote native gardening on social media. Above all, they have a good time while inspiring people to start their own native gardens and create habitat for our native bees, butterflies, birds and more. 

The program is lead by Jennifer Dirking, the founder and inspiration for the Bring Back Bay Area Bees and Butterflies (BBBABB) group on Nextdoor. In the BBBABB Nextdoor group, members share ideas and upcoming events, invite friends to join, and post pictures of their gardens and of wildflowers they saw on hikes.

For more information and questions email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Want to sign up? Join the group:

DSC09000 variable bluedicksSeed and Garden Information

Did you receive a free wildflower seed packet from us? Go here for more information about the seeds you received.

Learn more about habitat gardens and native plants on this webpage. 

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