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Help Wanted - Treasurer and Bookkeeper

The Chapter is in need of a  Treasurer and Bookkeeper. We are looking for members to fill these important volunteer roles. After several years as Chapter Treasurer, Carolyn Dorsch is stepping down from that role in March 2018. We are looking for both a bookkeeper and a treasurer to replace her.  For more information, contact Stephen Buckhout, Chair of the Leadership Development Committee, 408.255.6233 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


This volunteer is the chief financial officer of the Chapter and a member of the Executive Committee. The Treasurer is responsible for creating and maintaining current, accurate records of the Chapter’s financial situation, including overseeing any other individuals who may assist with those responsibilities. This individual prepares the annual Chapter budget and bimonthly financial statements which are reviewed at Chapter Board meetings. Attendance at all regular Board meetings is required. The Treasurer is responsible for all filings required by the State CNPS office: quarterly sales tax reports and annual inventory and income and expense reports. Other responsibilities, some of which may be carried out by one or more bookkeepers, are making deposits and paying bills, reconciling bank statements, maintaining logs of donations to the Chapter and memberships received, and responding to financial inquiries. The Chapter currently uses Quickbooks software and it is desired that all candidates for this position will be familiar with or trainable on both that or similar accounting software and its use in a cloud environment. The busiest months are those with the bimonthly board meetings, those when sales tax reports are due, the month when reports are prepared for the State office, and the one in which the budget is prepared.


This volunteer works closely with the Chapter Treasurer to track, process, and record Chapter income and expenses. Income from a variety of sources, primarily sales of items at various Chapter events, needs to be received, balanced, and deposited. The volunteer will be responsible for entering data using Quickbooks or similar software, reconciling the bank statement, maintaining logs of donations and memberships received, and responding to financial inquiries. This individual will help the Treasurer prepare the quarterly sales tax reports (January, April, July, and October) as well as the annual inventory report and income and expense reports required by the State CNPS organization (May).

These are both volunteer positions.


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